Frequently Asked Questions


What is Next Level Suite?

Next Level Suite is a cloud based marketing and contact management system designed to grow and manage your business. For more information on how it works, click here. To see the complete set of features that we offer, click here.

Will Next Level Suite work for my specific business?

Absolutely. Next Level Suite designed to work with any business looking to increase productivity, efficiency and sales revenue.

Do I need to be a computer or marketing whiz to use Next Level Suite?

In a word, “no.” Next Level Suite was designed with simplicity in mind. If you can send and receive emails, you can use Next Level Suite.

Do you offer a free trial of Next Level Suite?

Sure. Test any of our account levels for 7 days, free of charge. Click here to set up your free test drive now.


Can I create a custom lead capture page and website with Next Level Suite?

Yes, absolutely. The capture page creator is available in each of the account levels. The website creator is available in the Professional and Premier Account levels.

Are your lead capture pages and websites mobile friendly?

Yes, they are optimized for your prospects and clients that access your sites via a mobile device.

What else can I customize?

Many aspects of Next Level Suite are customizable. You will be able to create custom email campaigns, phone scripts, one-touch emails and more. We made the process incredibly easy so even a computer novice can do it.


Can I import my contact list into my Next Level Suite contact manager?

It depends.

Next Level Suite wants to help you send email to people who are expecting or want to hear from you, a.k.a. “permission marketing.”

You can an import a list that consists of:

  1. Current clients
  2. Former clients
  3. Business associates
  4. Current prospects (who specifically requested information from you in the last year)
  5. Co-workers
  6. Employees
  7. Friends
  8. Family

Next Level Suite refers to the list above as “qualified” contacts.

These “qualified” contacts can be imported into your contact manager, and they are immediately eligible to receive email campaigns and broadcast messages. You can import up to 2000 “qualified” contact records during your first month of NLS service and up to 200 additional “qualified” contact records per month thereafter.

What about lead lists? Can I import those into Next Level Suite?

Yes with conditions.

Let’s say you find a reputable list or leads company that provides lists of names that meet your ideal customer profile. Next Level Suite refers to this type of contact as a “suspect.” We trust that you wouldn’t want to import this list if you didn’t have a reason to suspect they may be receptive to your communication.

You may import up to 2000 suspects into the “Suspects” folder in your Next Level Suite contact manager each month. Suspects will not receive email campaign or broadcast messages until you have their permission to do so.

However, Next Level Suite’s contact manager and NextCall program will make it easy for you to call each of your “suspects,” check their interest level in your product or service, leave an automated voicemail, send a one-time email to visit your website or print a label for direct mail advertising.

If the “suspect” has an interest in what you’re offering and agrees to receive your follow-up emails and phone calls, you may move them to any of the other folders in your NLS contact manager where they will receive your email campaign and/or broadcast messages.

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